Who We Are

Before we get into “who we are”, it may be even more critical to discuss “who we are not”.

Guardian was not founded by a bank or Fortune 500 company.  We were founded by small business owners that were tired of the elusiveness and sales lingo of over 10 different credit card processors over 20 years of business.

That ability to relate with our Merchants is the very reason for our growth and success.

Guardian is not listed on the stock exchange.  Stock holders do not tell us how we have to price our rates so that they can get their cut.  Our goal is not to charge you a high rate and keep your business until you find something better, but to charge you a low enough rate that we can’t be beat and to give you excellent customer service so that we can earn your business for life.

…..and there is no one to tell us that we can’t do that.

Guardian doesn’t have an overseas 800 number.  Our North American sales and customer support is 100% US based.

Guardian doesn’t do contracts, start-up fees, or exit fees.  If we need to have you sign a contract to keep your business, and charge you if you want to leave, then we shouldn’t be in business.

We believe that any relationship that is worth keeping should have to be earned.

If at any time you feel that we aren’t doing that then you are free to go.  No questions asked.

“Who we are”, simply put, is a merchant services company founded with the goal of completely doing the opposite of what we as small business owners experienced from the merchant services industry.  Low rates, great customer support, and 100% transparency are the foundation of everything Guardian is.

We don’t claim to be the best, just better.

We’ve been there, therefore we care more.