Guardian Payments is the top Firearm Friendly Credit Card Processor

Guardian Payment Systems is a true leader in the Firearms and Shooting Sports Industry and has proven time and time again to be the most innovative and customer friendly service able to process credit & debit cards in a storefront, wireless, or e-commerce environment.

We work with FFL holders and firearms industry professionals to provide a wide variety of payment solutions to create a custom tailored payment solution. We work to keep our fees and methods transparent and easy to understand.

  • Save Money – Gun-friendly processing at transparent rates for the lowest cost
  • Build Business on the Web – Easy eCommerce payment solutions and shopping cart integration
  • Take Payments Anywhere – Wireless card readers for your smart phone or tablet
  • Grow Your Business – Next day account deposits ensure your working capital to buy inventory and run your operations
  • No Contract – We believe in freedom, and that means we don’t require equipment leases or contracts for our services


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